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Who we are

Why three "Ss"?

The question dates back to an already distant end of 1979 when ESSSE CAFFE' was first founded and when its success story started.

The extra "S" is the company’s assertion of its concept and philosophy, of a logic which is totally based on Scienza (Science), Sapienza (Knowledge) and Specializzazione (Specialisation) in the field of espresso coffee

Even before starting production and sales of coffee, ESSSE CAFFE' Ltd. (once P.A.C.S. of F. Segafredo & C. Ltd.) integrated the company’s previous experience and its tradition as a family run business under the original owners with competent scientific research in collaboration with the Institute of Food Technology at the Faculty of Agriculture of Bologna University.

Working on this basis, from that time to the present day the company’s involvement has ranged from raw coffee to the final product in the cup, from roasting to the extraction of espresso coffee.

The final aim was to obtain blends for espresso coffee of the highest and most refined quality.
The company’s constant search for excellence was rewarded in 1996 with prestigious official international recognition, namely certification on the part of the quality control system which conforms to the UNI EN ISO 9002 standard
Then the Quality Management System Certification of the company was renewed in line with the new ISO 9001:2000 standards together with the Environmental Management System Certification in compliance with ISO 14001:2004 standards.

In 2009, the Company celebrated 30 years of Quality in espresso coffee with two great initiatives aimed at strengthening the company on the inside and the outside.

For "the most valuable asset of the Company" as Mr. Francesco Segafredo, President of Essse Caffè, defines all of his collaborators, the Company has undertaken a development project for the Individual Organizational Wellbeing BIO, which was started up in 2008 and will continue over the next two years, with a special focus on human resources and their professional training and development.

The other new activity in image enhancement, elegant and attractive at the same time, harmoniously follows the slogan "The Passsion." The brand, merchandising and packaging have been renewed, following the aesthetic evolution of Essse Caffè, which is interconnected with that substantial evolution of the product that embodies a true “Espresso in Italy.”

In January, we launched a brand-new blend that proposes an entirely new way to drink coffee: OPTIMUM.

We are talking about the first innovation this industry has seen since decaffeinated coffee was introduced in the 1950s!

Find us at OPTIMUM website.

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Via Carpanelli, 18/A 40011 Anzola dell'Emilia - Bologna / Italy
T (+39) 0516425711 F (+39) 051735502 n. verde 800211239
Partita Iva 00546021205
Codice Fiscale 02065720373
Capitale Sociale € 3.000.000 i.v.
Reg. Imprese di BO n. 02065720373
R.E.A. n. 248118

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