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Collection Cups

Essse Caffè presented the 2009 collection of bar cups at the latest edition of the Rimini trade fair Pianeta Birra. The event was held Saturday, February 14 at 3:00 p.m. and included members of the press, the Essse Caffè staff and the collection's designer. It was a Valentine's Day to promote a passion for coffee and bring attention to coma research.
For 2009 Essse Caffè proposes a collection of cups focused on art, through the creativity of a young designer who decided to take inspiration from the artist, Gustav Klimt, considered by the general public to be the genius par excellence of Art Nouveau.

The cups, designed by Emilia Francesca Serra, 37 years old and a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, were inspired by some of the most famous paintings by Klimt, including:
- "The Water Snakes I" (created in 1904);
- “Stoclet Frieze "(carried out between 1904 and 1907);
- "Judith II" (created in 1909);
- "The Virgin" (created in 1913)
The collection has strong references to symbolism, the colour gold, and the abstract absoluteness of Byzantine mosaics and Arab decoration. The splendid, rich decorations and sophisticated details give a retro touch to these cups, which evoke the early twentieth century, mixed with Egyptian and Japanese atmospheres. Special attention was given to the cup conceived by the designer to celebrate 30 years of the Essse Caffè Company, which marks its anniversary in 2009. This cup collection is distinguished from the others by its use of gold and the uniqueness of its decorative elements typical of the Essse Caffè company colours;, red, gray and white.
The cups will be on sale to the public in Essse Caffè bars.

10% for research into coma
Essse Caffè supports the Casa dei Risvegli (House of Re-awakenings)
As with past collections Essse Caffè will earmark for medical research 10 percent of the proceeds from sales of the new bar cups.
- In 2006, the cups helped to raise funds for the association Piccoli Grandi Cuori Onlus in the Polyclinic of S. Orsola Malpigli in Bologna
- In 2007 the collection "Musica" provided support for the Lega del Filo d'Oro
- In 2008 for "Kaffa - the origins of coffee”, Essse decided to donate the funds raised to Impatto Zero, for the reforestation of 7,233 square meters of new forest in the Ticino Park.
For 2009, however, the Emilia company wanted to give its solidarity to research into coma, with 10% of proceeds from the sale of the cups supporting the Casa dei Risvegli Luca De Nigris in Bologna.

For information: www.casadeirisvegli.it

For its new bar cups, Essse Caffè chose an original ethnic concept that comes from distant lands.
The project "Kaffa - the origins of coffee", created by the Swiss designer Anne Karin Lohr, traces the history of this beverage, which is a ritual, through symbols and signs from different ethnic groups in the world. In a journey through time, through ancestral meanings and the evocation of vanished populations, the Essse Caffè cups aim at returning to the roots of history, in this day and age that moves too fast and loses sight of the deeper bond with the land.

The model for the Kaffa cups is a pairing of black and white, day and night, light and dark, combining neutral colours that lead back to the earth, stone and nature in general. It is not by chance that the beige of sand merges with the gray stone, while the symbols show the colours as rocky signs of antiquity.

• Andikra Symbols - the core values of the gods
• Celtic Symbols - the energies of the afterlife
• Hopituh Symbols - the peaceful people
• Jukurrpa Symbols- the dreaming times
• Maori Symbols- the people of the water
• Nazcas Symbols – the solar people

Essse Caffè will allocate 10% of sales from the new collection of cups, "KAFFA: THE ORIGINS OF COFFEE", to environmental protection.

Estimating the energy consumption and carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted to create 7 thousand cups, Essse Caffè will invest in the reforestation of 7,233 square meters of new forest in the Ticino Park, which will be able to absorb 10,850 kg of CO2. The project will be carried out by IMPATTO ZERO ® (www.impattozero.it)

The new coffee cups collection, decorated on the subject “Music”
The new coffee cups collection, decorated on the subject “Music”.
This original idea comes from a work titled “Music”. The artist is Chiara Vercesi, from Milan, and she is the winner of our contest “Express your Espresso” to find brilliant ideas for a new collection of coffee cups.
Here you can see the six cups; starting from April, 2007 they are on sale in the best Essse Caffè bars.
A percentage of the profits will be destined to the Association “Lega del Filo d’Oro”.

The collection “Solidarity Coffee Cups” comes from an idea of the Bolognese artist Gino Pellegrini who worked on the children’s drawings he collected during his long experience as an artist.
By buying the coffee cups set you’ll be able to help parents, doctors, hospital attendants and supporters of the association ASSOCIAZIONE PICCOLI GRANDI CUORI ONLUS of the polyclinic S. Orsola in Bologna during their hard work.
A few exemplars are still available!

- piccoligrandicuori.it

Brought out from the fantasy of Essse Caffè, the “Tulips” are blooming.
Brought out from the fantasy of Essse Caffè, the “Tulips” are blooming. The second collection takes again the element of nature following a new inspiration: going after the flared shape of our new espresso coffee cups, the collection interprets them in six different colours: Pink, Light Blue, Blue, Yellow, Red and Black Tulip (this is the most precious one, with golden details) of a very rare species.
The saucers are coupled in the same colour and the collection is a limited edition.

The first Essse Caffè collection, in limited edition, was inspired by the elements of nature and the cups were realised with hyperrealist decorations.
The first Essse Caffè collection, in limited edition, was inspired by the elements of nature and the cups were realised with hyperrealist decorations. Metal, wood, air, water, fire and earth become then the ideal container to serve a creative cup of coffee.

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