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The coffee with three S’s places Science, Skill and Specialization at the starting point of its quest for real, high quality blends of espresso coffee. After developing and enhancing the product’s sensory features with the help of the faculty of agriculture of Bologna university, Essse Caffè has progressively achieved heightened brand status and gradual renewal of its image, and is now perceived by customers as a quality product. The increase in name recognizability together with the excellence of the blend of espresso make Essse Caffè an ideal partner for coffee bars which aim to serve their customers a guarantee of excellence.
With the exclusive contribution of the creative barman Fabio Bacchi, Essse Caffè has developed an authentic menu of coffee-based cocktails. Here are all the recipes gathered into three sections providing a wide selection for every occasion: coffee bar, long drinks and after dinner drinks. Each section is represented by a graphic icon making it easy to identify and to help readers find their way through the recipes. Every recipe has a photograph alongside the text with hints on how it might look, together with its mise en place. The project will be added to in future and supplements will appear with seasonal innovations which can be inserted into the practical binder with its easy-to-remove screw, making it into a prestigious, complete book full of ideas for you to suggest to your customers on every occasion and in every season.