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Sales organization


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Info marzio.melchionda@esssecaffe.it

ESSSE Caffè is the first company in Italy to be certified for its support services linked to its sales. The personnel who make up the Sales Organisation are real professionals who have a dual role, firstly in selling the company’s products and secondly as technical assistants for all the complex phases involved in extracting the end product in the coffee cup. Each sales operative is instructed in the aims of the company’s mission which has a precise logic. As the company’s aim is to sell high quality blends, it should also concern itself with how these products are then used. The client-operator undergoes a minor but nevertheless real industrial transformation in that with a product in beans he obtains and serves espresso in a cup and therefore has to think about the grinding, the quantity, the temperature of the machine, the pressure of the water and its correct softening Each ESSSE Caffè sales operative is therefore trained, instructed and provided with technical equipment so as to be able to give maximum assistance to the client in these delicate phases of his activity.
However, the company’s mission is not only technological, as given the importance supplies have ( coffee represents 40-45% of a bar’s takings) the ESSSE sales personnel work to create a real partnership relationship with the client through frequent visits, almost always weekly, and through the support also provided in the most important phases of the client’s business activity such as the purchasing, restructuring and sale of the premises, all of which works to mutual benefit.

Via Carpanelli, 18/A 40011 Anzola dell'Emilia - Bologna / Italy
T (+39) 0516425711 F (+39) 051735502 n. verde 800211239
Partita Iva 00546021205
Codice Fiscale 02065720373
Capitale Sociale € 3.000.000 i.v.
Reg. Imprese di BO n. 02065720373
R.E.A. n. 248118

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